xDapp Scaffold

To help you get started with cross chain development, we've provided a template project in projects/xdapp-starter. All the sample projects will be made using this template, so check them out if you want to get a feel for how the various modules interact with each other.

The template uses npm workspaces to setup a main project with subdirectories for each chain you want to interact with. This allows you to initialize each subdirectory using whatever scaffolding tool you want for each individual chain, and orchestration code in a common directory.

Let's break down what's in the xdapp-starter project:


  • This folder contains the subdirectories for chain specific code. For example, I might use the anchor tool to anchor init solana-project within the chains/ directory.


The handlers folder contains the js client code to deal with each chain's specific needs. They expose a common API that we can consume in starter.js for code cleanliness.

They all take in a context object that's made up of the


This file parses command line args and filters calls to chain management handlers.


The config file contains all the information about the network rpc nodes, accounts, and other constants used to communicate with contracts deployed to the selected chains.